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Cobra 3'' Cat back .... anyone interested?

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  • Cobra 3'' Cat back .... anyone interested?

    Hey guys

    After chatting to the guys at cobra at the PVS show they have made a 3'' cat back system with a flange to fit the OE cat pipe.

    They have asked me to ask you guys if this is a product that people would be interested in and i for one am. want something with a bit more noise but not quite wanting to go the whole hog in getting a sports cat and all that.

    The RRP for this product would be £370

    Can you guys post on this thread to le me know if people would be interested in this product, so i can relay back to Cobra to let them know what sort of market there is for this product and weather you think it would be a good/bad idea and pros/cons for and against stated product!


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    Anyone got any views on this product?


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      Originally posted by SpoonVXR View Post
      Anyone got any views on this product?
      Good quality stuff, but i fear the sheep will buy the usual suspects and dismiss it for a scorpion


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        no one really interested in 3" cat back with the enlarged vxr tail pipe?? haha

        no one got any views?


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          I think it would be a go-er if it would bolt onto a standard cat but then could have a 3" sports cat fitted later, and any generic precat decat. Then it would be unique and saleable. Piper make one that fits onto standard cat but only a piper cat will fit onto it as a later addition (I think that is right, sold through courtenay I believe)


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            it would have the standard flange on it so it would be able to be fitted up to an OE cat pipe but if you were looking to get the cat after i think you may have to go to their shop/workshop and get the 2.5'' flange cut off so that the 3'' can be fitted to allow it to mate up with the new 3'' cat pipe. i will look into that and ask Cobra about that.


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              I heard back from cobra and I got a reply about the flange.

              We can send out just the cat back in 3" bore, which will reduce to 2.5" to fit to the cat flange.*
              This can be reversed by cutting and welding a new 3" flange on when the front pipe is fitted, but we can only do that at our factory.*

              So you will be able to upgrade to a a full turbo back in the future

              Any one else interested in this type of product or any comments on this set up?



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                They got any pics or vids of a prototype or finished item.....?
                Fitted and non fitted for full view..!


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                  I guess if you have the precat removed as most people do and if this cat back is fitted it shouldn't be too much different sounding than a Normal 3" exhaust. I have Relayed the question back to them and shall be post back an answer soon.

                  For videos of the exhaust they have one of their full 3" on the Cobra Sport website.


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                    This would be a good idea for people not having all the money for a full turbo back.. Iwould be interested then just get the rest done at a later date as I already as first cat out

                    Keep updates flowing when they starting production? I was going to buy 2.5" exhaust around October time but might wait n see if this works out
                    2nd silver astra VXR - tinted windows, piper exhaust, 2nd decat coming soon! maybe a stage 2 remap


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                      Ok I'm liking this zaust... Keep us posted...
                      Sure they will do me a deal shipping out to Spain.
                      VXR enough
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                        i believe they can start production as soon as you like but i will keep yuou all updated with news and that. i might speak to them about getting one fitted to my car so an aray or pictures and videos can but made and posted up.