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Can't understand it!!

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  • Can't understand it!!

    A few weeks ago I decided to put the vxr up for sale and advertised it on autotrader due to only needing one car, the other being a lease car. I have priced it at £15250 which is the best price on the net. The car is red with 19" alloys and under 5k on the clock and in mint condition. In the last 4 weeks I have had only 6 phone calls and 1 viewing and he didn't want a test drive as he was viewing one a few days later in blue from the dealers which he then brought. I think it was up for £16995 with similar miles but was his first choice colour.
    So peeps why are these cars not selling privately? I have heard of other people finding it hard to sell these cars but can't understand why people are prepared to spend an extra 2k for some X demo cars with similar miles to more miles on them, why is this? Do dealers offer more on the warranty side of things or do they just offer the standard manufactures warranty?
    I'm just glad that I don't have to sell and can wait for someone to come along, but I didn't expect it to be like this for such an amazing car.
    I did go down to my local vxl dealer as they had a red one in, ex demo with more miles and wanted £17995 same spec, they offered me 14K

    Thanks Paul.

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    I think people may be put off with the style of car, being one that could have had a very hard life, even short term, I was offered an ex demo when I bought mine, but I know how I drove it, and I was reasonably sensible *lol*, I think that is the only reason, when you are spending so much peace of mind doesn`t cost a great deal more, a brand new red vxr on 19`s can be bought for a bit under 18k ...


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      Red is not a good colour to sell!

      Most folk seem to want Arden Blue or Black Sapphire, dealer Prices reflect this choice too


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        I've been looking at your VXR since you first put it up, but have to wait until I start a new job. I'm desperate to find a red with 19's for as little as possible but it won't be for a couple of months, although I'd be very interested in buying it then. What I can't stand is people who advertise on autotrader without first looking (obviously not you) at what's already there and stick a silly optimistic price on it, they're just wasting everyone's time and money.

        Having said that, if no-one's really wanting to buy yours then it is priced too high, that is afterall what determines how much something's worth. Personally I can't really see the appeal of arden blue over red and I don't like the back of the vxr in blue, but then there's that big deal about paint fading.

        Have you been made any offers?


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          No offers mate, and to be honest I won't be moving much on the price as it's the cheapest on there. Parkers predict that a standard model with 10k after one year in good condition will be worth 15,300 so as mine has 19s and under 5k I think it's a bargin. The condition is as new, ( just spent 4 hours taking off all the alloys to wash, polish,seal,and 2 x xxx wax) and i'm knackerd so I think I have priced it well. Looks like I will have to just keep trying cheers Paul


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            You have to remember though that prices are very arbitrary at the moment because the VXR is still quite new so a guide is not very useful.


            What really drives the value, like you say, is other VXRs for sale. There's a lot of them on autotrader that've been there for months and not shifting. I'm obviously going to try to convince you to lower the price, but watch out you don't leave it too late! :wink:

            Could you let me know if you do sell it (would be very surprised if you didn't soon though)?