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  • boost gauge

    Thinking about getting a boost gauge, Ive seen a few on ebay. Is there anything i need to be looking out for, any special requirements.

    Also what boost should i be reading at stage 2?


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    depends what the tuner set the boost too, also depends if you get a mechanical or electronic boost gauge, Id say personally go with the mechanical, so simple to fit, You can easily get the vaccum pipe through the gromit behind the glove box, Just don't get a really cheap on because you want an accurate reading. There isnt really any thing else to look out for, depends how "jazzy" you want it to look (led lights ect), and then the final thing is where do you want to mount it, remember there is airbags in the pillars. Some people buy pillar pods or a dash pod and even people on here have replaced heating vents to mount them.
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      What would be the average boost setting at stage 2? Ive seen one on eBay that comes with the vac pipe for 25, need to buy a pod separately. I'll mount it on the dash to the left of the steering wheel. Is that price about right?


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        All depands where you won't to mount it I do pillar pods that's the only way to mount one and not lose any vents etc I can supply and fit if needed.

        Don't worry about air bags as every one says there in the pillars there not there in the roof lininig lol I need to get a big thread sorted to show people where they realy are lol
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