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  • Sprint car

    Now not being a person for remebering figures these days (must be my age), I saw the sprint car driven by David Pearce get a 0-60 in (I think)4.63 secs on his 3rd run, verfied by 2 other people, all of us remembering 4 secs something, as it was a second quicker on this run from the previous. The 1/4 came up in 13 something(low something) secs.

    Well done David excellent runs, it just got better on the first 3 runs and thanks for the trip out even though I wanted to stay out longer

    That car is so quick.It just hammered down the straight, seeing a 131mph on the speedo before braking for the esses and I really think there was more seeing how those brakes just stopped the car with such stabilty and ease and David had to go past the RS4 on that run.

    Well exciting car.

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    I was speechless after a trip out in the sprint-x with Dave. WHAT a car! I didn't even realise sport was off until Dave pressed it and then all hell broke loose, does that car shift or does that car shift!!! I only managed 120 ish on the main straight in my staged 1 car!

    As you say, the brakes were incredible as were the AP 4-pots on the 888. Great day had!


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      I can only dream of going out in a vehicle like that - and if I had the money would love to buy one and race for fun - at least I have more intesting dreams now....


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        Ive got to agree with Ian as David took me out in the Sprint car too, and it as only into the 3rd lap that i realised that he hadnt used the Sport button...

        Awesome car, fantasic brakes and a fantastic driver too

        Well done David ....

        Did anyone else manage to have a run in the Red T8?? As Paul O'Neil took a few guys out and tbh i hadnt realised what the T8 was capable of....



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          also went out yesterday with Dave during the tuner GP,
          tc off sports on leaving the pits, all i can say is thank god for a great set of harnesses and race spec recaros, does that thing kick and brake or what, thing was hot and brakes above boiling but did they let the sprint down, far from it, what he put a fwd motor through made my laps on the Sat in my VXR feel like a Sunday cruise

          nice one Dave and thanks mate!
          but what was this 2nd gear take off all about on one of the drag runs
          impressive 0-60 time achieved during one of the runs though, 4.63 or was it 83 Mark