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LCD screen and dvd player

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  • LCD screen and dvd player

    HI everyone, i know this has been gone over in parts but im so confused. Is there a way, firstly of fitting the lcd screen in place of the standard and still being able to view trip computer details? and secondly. would it be possible to put a dvd player some where and have it play on the screen. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    yes you can but you need a little box that a chap in germany makes to play dvd on it. the screen is 750 is but shop around seen them go for 300 ebay, screen suround 10. For all your tuning needs


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      thanks for the reply dave. what screen do i need, and what do i need to make the comp details show on it. and whats the thing from germany.


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        hi the screen ident 13111166 £776.68 inc vat
        plastic trim 13126610 £9.28 inc vat
        all parts from vauxhall but as i said shop around can get them for less,
        then it will need to be set up on tech 2 so it all works with on board comp,
        thats it, the other box is needed if you want to play dvds on it but im sure if you talk to some on over hear they could help if you need any more help ring john at courtenay sports 01692404313 he as fitted one to is car,hope this is of help. For all your tuning needs


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          So to clarify!!!

          If I already have the CD70 with the color screen wat do i need to do to get a DVD player working on the color screen