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Astra VXR fuel VS Scooby

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  • Astra VXR fuel VS Scooby

    Hi Guys i anted some figures for the Astra as i cant remember since i had mine.

    2 years ago i had a Black Astra VXR and regulary drove to London from Leeds but i never took down what MPG i got, I sold it after 10 Months and Bought myself a new Subaru WRX-S i had that for 11 Months and Purchased a new 2011 STI Saloon, Im currently pushing about 29 to 31 MPG on the motorway.

    As your all aware scoobies are crap on fuel but the above figures i hazard a guessare nearly what my old Astra was,

    can anybody tell me what MPG you get if doing 70 to 80 on a long motorway run. Standard VXR no mapped stuff

    Thanks Guys, feel free to ask me any questions and no Flames

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    30-37 isn't unrealistic. I sometimes see 40.

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      Thanks Rabbid


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        Drove from uk to west coast of Ireland on saturday and returned 36mpg, boot fully loaded using Tesco 99


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          I'm currently averaging 26.5mpg, but that's mainly short trips with very little motorway journeys.


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            so its was marginally better, im same if i potter about then its 24 to 26 motorway is 30 ish, Im due for a cosworth remap this week and i know they change my Petrol sticker so i can use the lesser 97ron , im gonna ask if they have made MPG any better cos i know the orginal Subaru maps bucket the fuel in, where as any half decent mappy can get you up to near Astra Figure for Driving miss daisy.

            Just i can warrent that as itll void the warrenty, so i gotta have official ones


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              The other day coming back from Nottingham straight down the m1, I reset the trip comp at the petrol station (tesco) before junction 26, I got to dartford amd had averages 42.8mpg, that was with CC on doing 65 the whole way.

              Dap-r & wheels so far, plenty more to come!


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                wows thats better than my wifes zaffy Elite Diesal LOL


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                  348 miles from Sheffield to Penzance last June I got 40.65mpg, doing ~68mph (2500rpm in 6th) with Cruise Control on all the way down.


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                    Average 28/30 mpg on normal day today driving.Mostly around the town.

                    On long runs easily high 30s


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                      Ye I have had 2 scoobys and I'd say the vixer is defo better on fuel but not by much, I average 26-28 but on long runs I get around 35ish which I'd say the scoob would never see that.


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                        Originally posted by I_AM_THE_STIG View Post
                        Ye I have had 2 scoobys and I'd say the vixer is defo better on fuel but not by much, I average 26-28 but on long runs I get around 35ish which I'd say the scoob would never see that.
                        Same here.......don't think I ever saw more than 26mpg with my Scooby, even if keeping to 65 mph on a run.

                        Loved it though
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                          i drove from derbyshire to southhampton and back again and got 44mpg
                          my average mpg for my dailydrive (all b-roads) is 28-29mpg consistantly, this is with mixed driving, some cruising and some fun
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                            With cruise set at 70mph or below mid-high 30's is easily attainable. Creep upto around 80 odd then its down in low 30's. Short trips (3 miles) to work & back i average 27mpg.


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                              My MPG at this moment in time is 27.6 MPG around town ......... I went from Aberdeen - Alloa a few weeks back and got 42.3MPG average, cruise on at 70MPH on the motorways, and 60MPH when I turned of for the last 10 miles Most I've had from a full tank is 428 miles before the fuel light came on.


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