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  • Cars at vauxhall now

    Had a cim update about a month ago, but the two error codes came back the other day and car wouldnt start, i did the pedal test and the 2 codes were present so took it to garage today and they say theyve found 12 error codes and are requesting 2 more hours diagnosis time and there thinking it may need a new cim, i thought the pedal test shows all present fault codes??
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    Nope didnt with mine. Didnt show any codes on pedal test, but did on tech2. I had to have the CIM replaced in the end as the clip didnt work. Hope that helps.


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      Beefy, could the cim problem be related to all 12 codes??


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        The pedal test does not show all error codes, it only intergrates one or two ecu's and only certain ones.

        To get all the codes, you require Tech2.


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          I believe it can be realted to alot of them. Like imboliser, etc

          example codes that could be related

          P1501 immobiliser coding errors
          P1502 immobiliser error
          P1503 immobiliser signal error
          P1603 control device to replace C-002
          P1604 programmers / Replace control device
          P1604 control device to replace C-004
          P1610 immobilizer anti-theft function is not programmed B-009
          P1610 immobiliser dysfunction Immobilizer B-009
          P1610 immobilizer function programming error
          P1611 Wrong security code error
          P1611 Wrong security code immobiliser B-015
          P1612 immobiliser signal error
          P1613 immobiliser no signal or wrong signal Immobilizer B-008
          P1613 immobiliser signal error
          P1614 Wrong transponder key error (the chip is still in the key?)
          P1614 Wrong transponder immobiliser key B-006
          P1614 immobilizer anti-theft wrong signal B-008
          P1615 ECM (engine control unit) Identification failed Immobilizer B-006
          P1616 CIM (Steering Column module) wrong environment indicator Immobilizer B-006
          Replace P1620 controller error
          P1625 relay power supply fault

          Well theres a bunch of them. Dont worry sure they sort it.

          My parking sensor 3 has funny circuit but that dont show up on pedel test but does tech2. 80% stuff on the car wont show up pedel test.
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            Cheers mate, im gonna ring them and get the list of codes