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new owner of astra vxr please advise.

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  • new owner of astra vxr please advise.

    hello there i have moved on from my corsa vxr to the astra vxr and hopeing to really go to town on this car, but could u give me sum advice on whats gd and whats not i dont intend to waste my money but dont want to cut corners either. wondering if u can help me thanks alot.
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    If you mean tuning then you have the main 4 Regal,courtenay,tms an mpg.They would be the most popular.

    They all offer huge amount of upgrades it just depends how far you wana go with the car.

    You wont get a straight answer on who to use for the work as most peeps who are tuned will be biased to one tuner an theres been loads of arguments in the past,best thing would be to go to the search function an do your own research on here.

    Ring the tuners in question an ask them for advice,prices etc.Then make your mind up.

    Stage 1-remap thats it extra 20-30bhp
    Stage2-remap but full exhaust system needed ie-remus,milltek,etc.40-50bhp.
    Stage3-remap need exhaust an intercooler circa 300bhp.
    After that uou could start going down the bigger turbo route if you wanted big gains

    Once you go as far as stage 3 you need to be looking at LSD brakes,suspension upgrades an some other bits an bobs.No point in going for loads of power an not upgrade the handling of the car.

    Theres 1000s of threads about this an lots of peeps on here with good advice so get reading lol
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      turbo back exhaust system is your biggest gain power wise. Remap with that will get you stage 2 at around 280-295bhp, add a front mount intercooler with the exhaust then map will get you stage 3 at around 300-315bhp, dependant on supporting mods etc.
      Handling is one of the astras weakest points, so some good springs, tyres and a rear anti roll bar are essential. all this should get you a decent package, add limited slip differential to the mix and you have a totally transformed car, then its up to you whether you really want to take it to town and go the garrett turbo route for stage 4 (around 360-370bhp), or go for a slightly less hardcore setup like hybrid turbo, inlet cam and inlet manifold for stage 3.5 (anywhere around 330bhp). Of course at that level of tune, bigger brakes are essential.
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        thanks for the help guys i will carry out some research car booked in tomoz at midpoint just for a gd once over (makeing sure it is 100000000% before it sees any proformance gear). thanks. i will let u know how i get on.
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          Good move always wise to make sure the car is in good health before starting any tuning.

          An i would presume you will be using MPG for this work,they know their stuff


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            hey there got the car bak this morning from mpg and its running sweet just a new bulb and that was it, so now its been given the all clear time to get to it .
            and yes mpg is my choosen tuner been going there just over a year now (had corsa vxr before the astra).

            what u think of scorpion exhausts systems? 3inc.
            MW Performance built astra vxr.


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              ive got scorpion system mate, and they aint too bad. Very good for the price.
              I love the sound of the millteks though, think they sound awesome.

              Ive had my car for 6 months, and in that time i worked on getting it fully serviced, timing belt change etc, made sure its in full working order. then I added dapR springs, RARB, and xorst. Done few more upgrades the the engine like Recirc valve, FMIC, etc, now finally im going in for my stage 3 map.

              The best mod so far must be the springs, rarb and xorst, its transformed th car completely


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                yea i also thorght the scorpion was well priced, but yea them miltecks do sound awesome but so is the price haha. the scorpion i was listening to it on youtube it sounds gd under load but sounds civalivsed when not whitch i qwite like its more everyday friendly.
                MW Performance built astra vxr.


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                  Take a look at our site mate, we supply a whole host of upgrades for the VXR at very competitive prices. As for re mapping and fitting, you are already sorted with MPG their customer service is fantastic.

                  If the car is completely standard I would get the small things sorted first. By that I mean panel filter, recirc valve, lowering springs and a Whiteline RARB. Then get the exhaust and front mount intercooler sorted then an EDS map from MPG