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traction control light???

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  • traction control light???

    hello everyone just a quick question following an incident that happened today, was driving along and a car pulled out in front off me which forced me onto the opposite side of the road causing me to go over a curb at some speed which in turn caused me to curb my allowys front n back my side, after parking up checking my alloys n feeling very i noticed the light in the dash i think its the traction control light its the triangle with the car and skid marks well thats the best i can describe it lol and its been on since, doesnt go off even if i turn the car off and on...does this mean ive done some serious damage???

    any helpfull info is appreciated this is my first post since joining a few months ago wen i bought my red astra vxr (best colour obv ) as my bday prezzie lol thankyouuu for any help in advance!!!

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    Sounds like uve done some damge to the abs or tranction control equipement best bet honeselty take it to dealers and get a tech 2 on her see what she comes up with theres sumthing there clearly as ur light has come on


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      tacking could be out had this on my GSI. its not off to begin with then when youv done a few miles it turns itself off. But equally could be abs sensor or hub.
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        Do the pedal test and see if you pull up any codes mate
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