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ardens clifford 950 the 2nd attempt

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  • ardens clifford 950 the 2nd attempt

    well got the beast back on sat after loosing it to the alarm guys for 2 wk !!

    and how is it i har you all ask ????

    gr8 appart from the immobilizer turns the traction control lamp on , and the brake lamps flicker on and off intermittantly when the brake is pressed

    they have wired it in to cliffords tech data and at present are contacting clifford to try and find what the problem is :?

    my verdict ?? lets just say im not happy

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    Seems you are having truck loads of probs with this chap. I assume its going back.

    Sorry just to be a pain and state the obvious, but you do know they flicker fast under heavy braking anyway, so if they don't you might point them in the direction of this system for that?


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      different installer than last time, these guys are who clifford said they wanted to do the job after the last f**k up who refused to rectify the faults he induced !!

      i have been to see them today and they are more than willing to sort the problems for me , altho they require more info from clifford to do so.

      as for your point of flickering , my brake lights are like a ******* strobe light at a disco!! cool just not legal :wink:


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        well the cliffords claimed its 3rd interior lamp module just after getting it back from installer after sorting the teething probz listed above !!!!!

        after now blowing over a grands worth of modules i think i have to call it a day and im gona get it removed cos its more trouble than its worth


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          had vxr in vauxhall today and theres nothing they can do about interior lamp fault due to the alarm spiking the car so much that the tech 2 wont communicate

          just as well i decided 2 take it out anyway, now we just need to find out who the blame lays with. clifford or the installer ?????