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Radar Detectors

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  • Radar Detectors

    I no there are lots on the market but wat experience do you all have with the different models which one would you go for

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    Everyone to there own on this subject but I run a Snooper S6R Neo for 3 years and was happy with it. I picked it over the rest because you can configure it to your liking as in below the speed limit do not alert me, only alert to cameras going my direction, automute after few seconds,bla bla bla On my coupe the windscreen prevented normall detectors working so at least with this you can install the radar part under front number plate and put the GPS anttena on back shelf leaving just the main unit on dash/windscreen. It does cost £4.99 a month for the updates although can pay for 3 years in a lumpsum for much cheaper over the period.

    I bought a new Plus version with blue display as left my last one in my old coupe when mate bought it. Lasted as long as my first VXR 5wks then it went back in its box as new cos it was all on mounted inside the car. I then bought a tomtom 700+ and use for the mothly speedtrap database in my current vxr. No radar/lazer detecion here but required tom tom for eurotrip and didnt want my dash/windscreen littered in gadgets.

    Fancy a deal?


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      i've got a new road angle and its been fine but i'm thinking of trading it in for the Navigator. but i might go for a tomtom500


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        i have always had the road angel's. i upgraded to the navigator a few months ago. it's a bit bulky but works well.