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stage 2 saturday

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  • stage 2 saturday

    So im going stage 2 on saturday!

    well excited already got a turbo back scorpion! should i expect around 280bhp? does the car feel alot faster than standard?

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    car will be a lot faster than standard mate, and will drive great. whos mapping it?


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      getting it mapped by Performance Torque in Wolverhampton


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        well when I got rolling road with just a scorpion i got 282. torque will be the best figure! heard it pulls really strong and a lot better progression.

        look forward to seeing what you get
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          does the engine have to adapt to the map? if so how long does it take to fully bed in?


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            Don't pay much heat to figures mate, they are a joke. As the post above the bloke stating he has had 282bhp on standard map  there will be people stage 2 mapped with a lower figure but we all know what will pull better on the road.

            My stage 2 pulled 292bhp 354lbft now I have seen stage3 with less figures but I wouldn't want to see the results if we had a play as it would prob beast me.

            Just take results with pinch of salt, the car will pull extremely well at stage 2 and you will be more than happy.


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              yeah i heard alot of people saying the figures always vary as long its more responisve and pulls like a train then im happy!

              will put some photos and videos up of the RR anyways !!!


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                It will do mate the difference is like night and day, just don't hold to many hopes for high figures and same if you get high figures just take with pinch of salt.

                You will love it mate.