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CDTi airbox mod

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  • CDTi airbox mod

    Just recieved my CDTi airbox kit and straight away I went to remove the two pipes from inside the airbox, now the bottom pipe is just like the std airbox and came out fine, however the top one seems bonded to the rubber neck on the outside, does anyone know if you can remove it and if not is it worth cutting it down?


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    I cut my top one off, I wasnt sure if it would just unclip like the bottom one lol
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      I seem to remember I had to cut the top one out but I needed to enlarge the hole to 80mm to get my custom turned trumpet in.


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        Hi Mark,

        As andrewt1971 said, the top one needs cut out and the hole enlarged.

        I used a stanley knife to trim the rubber parts away, then I took my time with a file and sand paper to enlarge the hole.
        Just dont take too much away!

        Also found when I originally bonded the spigot in place, I used the wrong araldite and it didnt like the heat.
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          Think I may be ok reagrding making the hole bigger as I only have the MK5 SRi Turbo 200+ so only have a 70mm AFM, TX autosport do a sleeve which fits over the rubber part of the airbox and 80AFM so will prob do that when I upgrade my AFM, but thanks for confirming about cutting the pipe down out with the hacksaw tonight