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Headunit in Astra H

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  • Headunit in Astra H

    Just looking at a new headunit and wondering what will happen if I install it ?
    The reason I like this one is coz it goes the same colour as the stock lights

    I know I will loose some functions on the center screen, will it be like when u turn the CDC of u only get BC and Fuel consumption, dose the clock still stay on the screen or not (I think I read it does and if u want to change the time u have to put the CDC back in), and is all the AC stuff still their ?

    The headunit im looking at says it supports steering wheel control so is that something I get from ebay, and has anyone bought the car to headunit plugs from ebay (they look easy to use and im guessing thats what I would need).

    Thanks for any help guys

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    wen you change to an after market head unit you loose your bc apart from your trip n miles per gallon as for the clock the clock will just stay same the date and time will never be correct and as it say you can use steering controls that just means like your volume n skip and stuff like that
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