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what size clips do i need for a forge FMIC?

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  • what size clips do i need for a forge FMIC?

    i know the pipe work is 60mm but what size clips do i need? and is 60mm ID or OD of the metal pipes?

    need to order some clips tonight for the weekend

    Many thanks

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    I could be wrong but I think it lists the sizes in the installation instructions which you can download from the forge site.


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      your right, thanks mate

      heres the list of parts from the guide for anyone searching

      1x Intercooler 4x Custom hardpipes 4x Custom brackets 2x 60mm bellows hose 1x 50-60mm reducer 1x 90 degree 60mm silicon bend 1x 45 degree 60mm silicon bend 300mm 8mm silicon hose 9x 50-70mm JCS hose clip 1x 45-60mm JCS hose clip 4x M6x80 bolt 4x M6 spring washer 1x M6 plain washer 1x M6 nyloc nut 2x M8x16 bolt 4x M8 plain washer 2x M8 nyloc nut 3x St/St self tapping screws 2x short cable ties