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1.9 Airbox Issues

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  • 1.9 Airbox Issues

    Ive recently upgraded my airbox to fit an 80mm AFM. Its similar to Regals setup where the AFM sits in the airbox.

    The issue is theres heaps of lag, boost spikes on half throttle and is not nice to drive. When i put the pod filter back on its spot on, drives perfect.

    Has anyone else had these issues? Do i need to modify the airbox?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    I had the Regal box and it didnt run well at all with the afm stuck in the box. So much so i went back to my OE set up. I eventually got round to making my own and fitted the afm to a silicone joiner that was connected to a spigot that was fitted to the box. That seemed much better.
    I may have got a one off friday afternoon kit as the hole in the box was cut badly and the afm was a baggy fit in the hole. Smokinvxr has done a 'how to' for modifying it. You would be wise to give it a go.


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      Thanks your reply.

      Just read smokins thread, seems the way to go.