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Waxing- help!

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  • Waxing- help!

    Having read these forums it seems i dont know as much about waxing as i should. I thought you just cleaned the car leathered it then waxed it, job done. I spend hours when i clean and wax my car and i just use turtle wax nano tech extreme. I want to get some better wax but havent had the time. Any how, am i doing something wrong by just waxing the car with nano-tech. On one post it talks about non powdering waxes. Whats that all about. Is the wax i use the wrong type. It does go powdery when it's buffed off. What should i be using? Also how many coats should i apply. I left the car 2 weeks from new before i waxed it. Does that matter. All this is driving me mad. I just wana drive the damn thing. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

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    Oh dear you have opened up a can of worms now. Im staying out of this one.

    I use zymol which is one of the non powdering wax's. It basically means that there is no white powder residue.


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      There is a VXR wax but it is suggested for use on new paint (which I guess yours is ) or after polishing. So you wash, rinse,leahther polish and then wax. Welll that will be the whoile day used up!!. Having used the VXR wax and read comments from others on the VXLSCC site (feel free to join if you have not already), this wax is very very good. I used it on my Zafira GSI and the shine was deep and rich and worth every free penny i did'nt spend as the club was giving tubs away free at the PV show (worth about £10). More to the point a the VXR wax is a good qualtiy wax, easy to apply and worth looking at.


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        Leather !!! Chuck the shammy away !!!

        Then get yourself some decent products, Meguires are great, the 3 stage, paint cleaner, polish then a carnuba wax, that would be a start, oh and if you haven`t clayed the car yet it`s worth a go as well ...Chamois will put little sctratches on your paint as it is too abrasive, get some microfibre cloths or preferably a meguires water magnet, worth the money, oh yeah and ditch the sponge as well and go for a sheepskin wash mitt type affair ..

        Take a look over here for some advice and ideas ..


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          you see in the world of detailing there is a difference between polish and wax. you see a wax is just a top coat and non abrasive (ie does not take any material off) where as polish is actually abrasive in a miniscule way. wax also drys virtually clear where as polish will dry a powdery white colour.

          some of the waxes i use are swissol applied then removed with microfibre cloths.

          see here

          but at the end of the day it is all down to personal taste and how shiny you want your car. and or how fanatical you want to be about cleaning your car. some people just use the mass produced stuff that companys make such as auto glym, meguires, turtle wax and so on, these are good at what they do, but as is always the case there is always something better, and it normally costs more.


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            Like this stuff *lol*



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              Originally posted by Bainie
              ...or this


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                yeh but we all know lol 'within reason' springs to mind


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                  Directions for Use:
                  1. Put a very small amount of glaze into the palm of your hand. Use the warmth of your hands to melt the carnauba. With your hands gently apply the glaze in a light even pattern over no more that 2 or 3 square feet of the painted surface.

                  Like thay would need to tell me that *lol* I wonder if anyone uses it??

                  I have just splashed out on this kit, came this morning,

                  Going to try it with some menzerna polish for a total deswirl ..


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                    the bloke from miricle detail uses it the zymol stuff. you would be gripped though if the bloke next door was using auto glym 15 quid stuff and got a better shine than you did with 7k polish lolol