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Paint chipping - perhaps one for Stu!

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  • Paint chipping - perhaps one for Stu!

    Perhaps Stu can seek an answer on the following.
    Does Vauxhall carry out paint chip testing ,as there is a paint industry standard test for this? The standard is BS AU 148: Part 15 and is a method of providing information regarding the chip resistance of a paint system by the simulating the impact of gravel and grit thrown up from road surfaces.
    There are no pass/fail criteria defined in the standard. It is a matter of agreement between the paint suppliers and the vendor concerned.

    Summary of Method
    The test involves dropping 100 quarter-inch diameter hexagonal metal nuts down a 4.5 metre long vertically-mounted tube onto a test panel. The standard includes a set of 6 drawings showing gradations of damage to a paint surface ranging from very slight to very severe. The test panels are compared with these drawings and given the rating of the drawing that resembles it most closely.

    The stone chipping I have seen on my car is far greater than seen on previous Vauxhall models I have owned. Has Vauxhall changed the paint formulation to one which is not as durable? Given the type of car i/ performance / it would have cost vauxhall very little to have included Paintshield as part of the standard specification. Other manufacturers include a film in lower door areas for similar particular.

    It must be said, I am one of those desperately sad owners who is trapped by the need to keep the car REALLY clean and as such, am paranoid about every new paint chip.
    Still loving the car though