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Check your inside tyre walls

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  • Check your inside tyre walls

    Can I suggest that if you don't already check the inside tyre walls, that you start doing so.

    I went to have the 2 passenger side continentals changed this morning and we decided to put the drivers front onto the passenger rear so that the new tyres are on the front. Whilst removing front drivers tyre the garage found multiple cuts on the inside wall.

    The garage are going to get their conti rep to take a look at them at the request of my insurance company as they are finding it quite odd that 3 tyres have got sidewall cuts in them (u can see metal on one of them).

    This is actually the 4th conti on 2 VXR's to have suffered the same damage all very close to the rim. What is bizarre is that up until this year the only tyre damage I have suffered was a puncture 4 years ago.

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    That's a bit worrying, hope it's not some sort of defect. Sounds like you've been having a real hard time of it lately with your car, hope it begins to get better for you soon....


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      Well I am hoping that with some new tyres I will feel some improvement and be a little more satisfied with the car.

      Is anyone else runing PS2's on their Astra.


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        Will keep my fingers crossed that nothing else happens...


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          thanks for the info on that.

          I'll prob have a set od R888 when mine need doing.

          or not as i know found out the R888 dont come in 19's