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Subaru Impreza WRX PPP v Astra VXR

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  • Subaru Impreza WRX PPP v Astra VXR

    1st post and hello from a Scooby owner ......

    I am kind of drawn to the Astra VXR after only a year of Scooby ownership.... I love the looks and am sure I would not be disappointed with the performance :mrgreen:

    Can anyone give a direct comparison between a MY05 WRX PPP SL Wagon in terms of brakes, suspension and general handling + whats the build quality like and plastics compared to the Scooby ?

    I find my Scooby quick, 100% reliable without any squeaks, etc but just a bit soft compared to what went before it - a CTR, S2000 and BMW 330i sport.

    Any comments would be welcome ......

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    Oops .... I suppose it may have helped if I posted in the right bit ! Can one of the mods move this to the 'Chat' forum ......


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      Snap we had exactly the same car 2 years ago, ours was a 54 plate so I guess it is the same car as yours and not the latest facelift WRX.

      I didn't like the gearbox on the WRX , the Astra VXR is much better

      The plastics on the VXR are much better

      For me the WRX handled the power a lot better and with the rate that the miles are going onto the car, I have thought about buying one of the Euro import WRX's that Motorpoint do when the car is ready to go late next year.

      I had to have a tracker fitted on the Scooby which isnt a requirement for the VXR.

      The engine note from the boxer is nicer than the VXR

      The Audio is much better in the Vauxhall, but the sat nav isnt a patch on the kenwood unit that Subaru fit in the Legacy

      Oh and the Vauxhall paintwork is a lot better than Subaru's.

      Fuel Consumption is similar

      Seats are of different design but both are almost identical in terms of comfort and support

      Warranty claims on the Subaru 0 VXR stands currently at 5

      Dealer network bigger with Vauxhall but not necessarily experienced in the product (my experience is if Tech 2 doesnt say its broken then it isn't).

      Best advice is go drive one and see what you think.


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        Thanks for your reply - yes, it does seem we had / have the same model .... mine is a 2L on a 54 plate.

        How hard did you find the suspension on the VXR compared to the WRX. I personally find the WRX very soft with soft barely effective brakes ......

        I will be driving one when I can find one near me. I tried the local dealer who have one at another branch but they won't bring it to my local branch for me to drive it ! I don't call that service and it puts me off that dealer which is a shame as they are only a mile away. Their other branch is about 45 minutes drive for me so I will continue looking for one.


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          I can't remember too much about the ride on the Subaru, I don't recall having a problem with it and it did handle very well. Im not the best person to ask about the Astra's ride and handling as that is the one bit I hate about the car.

          Astra brakes are good again I cant remember the Scoobies that well, which means I didn't have a problem. I clearly remember the Legacy Spec C brakes as they were [email protected] with horrendous brake judder. I remember them well as I couldnt stop to avoid a lunatic cyclist and I clipped him.

          The car then left me rather quickly.