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Front Decat Pipe & Stage 1 !!!

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  • Front Decat Pipe & Stage 1 !!!

    Has anyone opted for this route ???

    Can the front decat be fitted without a remap etc with no problems, then a remap at a later stage etc ???

    How would the car run with just that decat & orig map etc etc.

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    Sure some one has this done (IanVXR?) but check the links and chat with one of the tuners, they will know for deffo.


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      We've got a couple of these due in the worskhop in the next couple of weeks, so I'll post uup the reuslts, will be interesting to see.


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        i think Brooke D is running like this sure she said it was an improvement over standed give her a pm . For all your tuning needs


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          I'm on the std map and have a full miltek with a pre cat bypass and a sports cat and its fine will see about a CS map when i get things sorted


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            Here you go..... We've carried out several of these conversions already. Works very well. With the addition of the front pipe, the turbo isn't working as hard aginst the restrictive pre-cat and also it reduces the EGT's (exhaust gas temps) as flow is improved meaning we can write the software specifically to take this into account. The graphs show the improvement in power and torque, with noticeably more through the mid range (the blue trace is with the front pipe and remap, the red trace is the Stage 1 remap).

            Fitting a pre cat pipe with the standard map will also work fine, and add a few more bhp. The car can be remapped at a later date no problem.

            Edit: Just to say the graphs are from the same car on the same day. We have seen some do a little more, but you can see the imrpovement in the mid range above 4k

            Stage One with Front Pipe - Power

            Stage One with Front Pipe - Torque


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              Welcome Mark W.

              thanks for the info on this seems others say it'll do this but dont post a graph.

              Any news a a CS3 map yet and if so any indication of cost.