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Exhaust expansion

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  • Exhaust expansion

    Is it true what i read in top gear magazine that the vxr exhaust sticks out from rear upto 1" due to heat expanding it. They showed photo and ive only ever seen them flush?
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    Its confirmed that the Miltek does "grow " on the Astra and by a fair old way. But I have to say you will find most exhaust expand a tad, I have even found the Vectra ones grow a little when shall we say getting hot.


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      had mine fitted today and yes it GROWS lol and sounds good too


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        For your info
        from Customer Care

        I write further to your e-mail dated 25 August 2006 regarding your exhaust tailpipe enquiry for your Vauxhall Astra VXR.

        Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
        I have contacted the Brand Manager of the Astra VXR with your enquiry who confirmed that when the vehicle is brand new the exhaust should be at the most flush. However, the exhaust extends when it gets warm so it will stick out slightly and over many miles driving it will settle to be flush or slightly protruding and this can be considered normal. With the sports exhaust fitted it can protrude up to 15mm.
        Safe Driving ! Andy