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  • For Sale Possibility

    Just testing the water at the moment. I am thinking of downgrading and spending more of my money on holidays rather than loan repayments/fuel/insurance.

    Silver VXR registered end March 06
    19" wheels
    3,500 miles

    Perfect condition

    Comes with C** VXR plate.


    Car is in Aberdeen.

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    Christ that was quick, you have`nt had it long mate, they ain`t cheap to run though thats for sure, seen you around and the Silver is stunning ..


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      Get a Corsa VXR saw a mag test of the new corsa and and the VXR loks loads better than the Astra and with a 1600turbo and 200bhp 0-60 in 6sec's and a top end of 150. All yours for the sum of £16000


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        6 seconds 0-60 :? is that correct?
        Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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          I would wait and see what the actual figures are... for a 1.6 nothwithstanding a turbo charger, I would be suprised to see 6 seconds. The S3 1.8 quattro is around the late 6's after all... and the astra cant be that much heavier, but with 40 bhp more and a larger engine...


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            Auto Express.

            The corsa VXR will be lighter. the Mariva VXR has the same engine but 175 bhp.

            so a lighter and more stream line car will be quicker.

            the Mariva is booked at 7.9 - 60 and 137


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              I have just read all reviews on the internet. The original auto express does state 6 seconds, however it goes on to state that it it will be almost as quick as the Astra, so they have their figures slightly wrong.

              All the others state a 0 to 60 time of under 7 seconds and a top speed of "just undr 150".

              Aaggghhh, I can relax once more