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VXR in Sick Bed

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  • VXR in Sick Bed

    Had to Take the VXR in on Saturday Morning as the Management light was flashing and it started to run like a bag of ***** ,prognosis is its got a missfire to cylinder four and an intermittent misfire to cylinders 1 and 2 ,so they think the coil packs fowked ,Any1 else had this problem

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    I had a stutter but that was all. Nothing that serious.


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        Originally posted by Aussie
        Mentioned this to them Auss but the Tech defo reckons its a fcuked Coil Pack :?


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          Its probably the plugs there is a modified plug for the VXR Z20LEH now.


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            I am really annoyed about this now !!!

            I asked the dealership to check this last week . The service guy stated he had checked this out and even rang VX technical direct and his answer to me was that VX knew nothing of any problems whatsoever across the whole Astra range in relation to plug or coil pack problems.

            He even had the cheek to say it was scare mongering on the forums ???
            What the F**K would that be for ???

            Bugger !!!

            Any official threads to slap in his face ???


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              Originally posted by Turbowayne
              Any official threads to slap in his face ???
              On this thread

              Originally posted by the vxr mothership
              Its not a recall , as thats only for safety related items , this is a Special Policy Program.

              However its for the 2.0LEH engine only (200PS) , not the VXR engine

              2211 cars affected in UK bth Astra and Zafira. Seems that the engine warnng light will come on first and then if a certain set of trouble codes come up on Tech 2 it a new set of plugs required.

              Customers affected will get a letter from Vauxhall.