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ICE into Astra VXR

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  • ICE into Astra VXR

    I'm after some advice please to help me instal some ICE into my Astra VXR.

    I'm running an Alpine HU, amp, sub and front components.

    I'm after advice on the dos and don'ts; pitfalls to look out for and implications of work. The following list is by no means exhaustive so feel free to add comments to anything I might have overlooked.

    *What are the implications of disconnecting the battery - will anything be 'turned off' in the car that I will need to 'restart' and what caution needs followed?

    *What is the best route to run (a) the power cables from the battery to the amp (in the boot) and (b) the HU to the amp

    *The front component wiring I'm not planning on touching but as I'm going to use the amp to power them, do I do this through the HU based on the amp wiring or do I need to run separate wires from the fc to the amp?

    *What parts of the car will I need to remove (door cards, seats, trim???) and then put back and what is the best way to do this so that nothing gets broken (eg clips, etc).

    *What tips can you offer for securing the amp and sub in the boot?

    I suppose ideally replies to this post would be from anyone who has already successfully managed to do this with their own VXR or if someone knows somewhere else where this has been discussed and can provide the link.

    Thanks for your help

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    Sorry can't help you much on your questions, but can say I'll want to do something similar with my VXR when it arrives. Why not try this link:


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      Try car electronics in leister.


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        Pugland53 and PMs helpful reply - thanks I've taken your advice and posted a message there.

        alex_c - how will visiting Car Electronics in Leic (I live in Nottingham) help exactly? I can't see them sitting down and taking me through the whole procedure and put themselves £150 out of pocket! Besides, if the Leic branch is anything like Nottm then I'm guaranteed unhelpfulness, ignorance, rudeness and extortionate prices.


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          There is a grommet behind glovebox which you can tap into (well, carefully use screwdriver/wire etc to put your power cable through)

          then run the power cable right to the boot where you are putting the amp.... best running power cable down passenger warned that the wiring is not exactly tidy under the cover !

          I'd be tempted to just use them from the HU using orig wiring...
          If you amp them - no telling if they're matched to the amp (power).

          Remove back lower seat for better access - the door seal is easy removed and replaced (and has a great big channel suitable for stuffing wires into....

          Have fun !

          tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
          The truth is out there ...


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            Thanks. When I run the cables down the passenger side like you say, do I have to take the passenger seat out? Did you have any problems after reconnecting the battery? Did you change your front components - any problems with replacing the tweeters or the door cards (ie clips breaking - past experience of Vauxhalls!!!!)


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              You dont have to take the seat out.

              I did'nt disconnect the battery - remember the power for the amp should be fused within 18 inches of connection, I just connected it without the fuse Fuse in when ready.

              Yes I changed fronts - Rainbow components, Rainbow sub, Genesis amp.

              Think I did break a clip or two when removing the triangle at the tweeter, maybe pulled too hard to get it off.....
              I glue gunned the new tweeter behind the standard tweeter grill.
              tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
              The truth is out there ...


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                the clips for the mirror /tweeter cover are about 15-20p each.


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                  Thanks everyone


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                    M40COO just a couple of other things.

                    I'll be running an Alpine HU - I understand that the KCE-940B stalk/display interface only covers Astra vehicles up to 03/04 and for the VXR Alpine currently have no solution. However, what about the KWE-971E wiring harness - will that fit the VXR?

                    I'm using the DB Audio High Quality 4 Gauge Wiring Kit TXW4 - will I have everything there to run HU wires to the amp and front component wires to the amp?


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                      Sorry dont know about the adapters...

                      Wiring kit should do fine aswell, and so it should at that price !
                      tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
                      The truth is out there ...


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                        just a follow on. Kenwood and Alpine as well as others do a Sub that fits in the wheel well as we dont have spares this would keep the space in the boot.

                        how do they sound compaired to a box'd 10/12.

                        Also how do you get to the rear speakers not had a proper look yet.

                        Gonna do a small ice cube in mine keeping the CDC40. Sub with Amp, Rears and front components but might run them from the HU.

                        Thanks for any help

                        PS sorry napster did not look at your location with ref advice for your install.


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                          Remember the wheel stay spike though alec...

                          I ground mine the smell of grinding !
                          tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
                          The truth is out there ...


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                            Well spotted that man.

                            So whats your opinion on the wheel well mounted ones.


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                              Could'nt tell you - I made my own !

                              Sounds great and fantastic use of space.
                              tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
                              The truth is out there ...