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  • Astra Trade In Value

    I know a few people have already traded in their VXR's but I don't know if they are still around here.

    If any are around here still, can you tell me what you got for your car as a trade in?

    My car has done 10K miles and one dealer doesn't think it will even make £13K despite CAP showing £14,700 for a car in it's condition and with 2K more miles.

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    you getting rid catherine ? why ?
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      trade in

      I was offered 14k by one and 12K by another, both vxl dealers. The dealer who offered me 12k was selling a blue one for, 19k with full leather 19s and 3k on the clock, mine was red 19s and 3k at the time when I said that I had been offered 14k by my local vxl, he said, I thought you said that you had'nt got any prices yet. and hung up. LOL

      I sold mine private in the end for 15250, the car was mint and had 5k on it when it went. It wasn't the easiest of cars to sell to be honest, and had to be relisted 3 times on autotrader befor it went. :?

      I paid 17300 for the car (pre reg) and had it 6 months, so lost 2k not sure if that is good or bad

      Either way shop around the dealers, as there seems to be a vast difference in prices.



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        Originally posted by worsy
        you getting rid catherine ? why ?
        Im afraid I don't get on with the car as much as I would like. Although it is greatly improved since I fitted the Michelins. Also I need to go Diesel becuase of the miles the car appears to be now doing 24K a year instead of the 12K it's predecessor did.


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          That's a shame, are you coming to the Bristol meet??


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            Well it looks as though the chap from Audi was wrong, they have been bid £13K for the car this month. So it's about £900 a drift of book at 12K miles and without any token allowance for the options.