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Anyone fitted a ...............

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  • Anyone fitted a ...............

    Boost guage or a turbo timer?

    Just wondered where you'd put one, what is involved in fitting them and how much it would cost.


    Astra VXR - Power Red - Antracite 19s - Folding Mirrors - Cruise - ITG filter - Courts red hoses

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    ask Courtenays about them both.


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      If you find out about the turbo timer, stick the 'how to' up on here too!!
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      Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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        I've had a look at the courtenay website and there's no mention so i'll wait and see if any of you guys get onbe fitted before i bother getting one.

        Astra VXR - Power Red - Antracite 19s - Folding Mirrors - Cruise - ITG filter - Courts red hoses


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          The reason there is no mention of it on their web site is because they dont do then but if you were to call and ask then they would be able to give you the infomation you require.

          If the ALARM is like the Astra GSi then you will only be able to lock the doors with the key and not with the remote and wont be able to dead lock it as the alarm is conected to the ignition.


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            after my problems with electrix in our vxr i wudnt prat about with the electrix in one m8


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              well said that man.

              have you got it sorted out now.

              was thinking about a tracker but after the probs your had i dont know now.


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                nope after taking it back to the 2nd installer to rectify the 2nd alarms faults ie - T.C lamp staying on and strobe light effect on brake lamps guess what ?????

                a day and half later the alarm was going off flashing the indicators and my partner caught the hazard lamp swicth and its allowed the alarm to back feed into the car and blown the interior lamp module AGAIN .

                ive got it back in at vauxhall tomorrow to try and get my 3rd module under warranty , differant dealership tho cos the supplying dealer told me if i had alarm refit after it blew the pevious 2 modules my warranty would be invalid with them

                hopefully they will do it under warranty otherwise im gona hav to try and get clifford or installer to pay for it !!!!!

                either way the alarms coming out cos its now caused over a grands worth of modules to blow and is obviously not capable of being fit safely into a vauxhall