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Xenon Lights & Washers

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  • Xenon Lights & Washers


    I have just had to sell my VXR regretably (didnt fancy tackling a child seat in the back of it, no matter how great a car it is). Bought myself an SRI XP CDTI 1.9 with which I am well chuffed. Both cars had/have xenon lights but I have never been able to get the washers working. I have never even seen them, or any trace of any water on the lights when I use the washers.
    I turned the lights on, with the engine running, used the windscreen washers and not a thing ??
    Am I missing something, I did hear that the 05/55 models may not have the washers even though the bumper cutouts are there ready

    Ta David

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    the washers for the xenons only work when the lights are on and are activited when you use your windscreen washer,


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      Touche. Are you sure you have them? The bumper does'nt dance unless you paid for it???? ££££££


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        I thought it was law that all OEM Xenon lights had 2 things.

        1. Automatic beam levelling.
        2. Headlamp Washers.

        So they've got to be fitted and working AFAIK
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          Thanks for info, got them working. It seems you have to keep the windscreen wash spraying for round about 2 to 3 seconds before they come out of the bumper.

          Anyway, seen them now. Little things please little minds !!!



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            your not rong there bro.