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Can-Bus / Can't-Bus?

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  • Can-Bus / Can't-Bus?

    Ok this can-bus system is beyond me i need help.

    First . i want to retro fit the Starter button, but dont want the doors on it.
    What i do want tis to fit the starter button and still have the key. (like Focus RS). So i'll have to put key in turn it to ii then press the starter to start. then turn the key off and its off. Simple.

    second. i want to retro fit the bluetooth to the CDC40. Can this be done? how? whats needed?

    Third. i want to change the speakers in the car, also want a small sub but all to run from the head unit (CDC40) how and what do you recommend. i dont want a big sound off set up but better than the std one.

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    First, it can be retrofitted but will work like the factory option (not sure how that works). You will need all the parts and to replace various wiring looms. Then get it programmed.Cheap it will not be and worth the effort not IMHO.

    Second, again this can be done and is actually relatively simple. You need the parts list and the TIS documentation on how it all goes together (removing and reinstalling documents) and lastly it needs to be programmed. Would I do it, um no unlike the Merc SAP and VW SAP protocol setups the Vauxhall one can be a bit hit and miss. So up to you if you want to do this.

    For the third you will need a line level convertor to get a RCA signal for the AMP. This ranges from the cheap, Maplin one to the better Alpine 4311, to the downright brilliant, JL audio Cleansweep, audiocontrol LC6 and LC8, and the downright revolutionary Alpine Vehicle hub (not quite ready for Vauxhall just yet, but soon enough). Once you have this then and amp and upgradfe your speakers and no question the wiring for the speakers (do not get me started on the cons of using the factory wiring with amps. In case you are wondering there are no pro's to going this approach). Alternatively get and amp with line level inputs and you loose the need for the liine level convertor.


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      Thanks mate.

      Will look into it all.