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Tinted windows

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  • Tinted windows

    Any one had a silver Astra VXR tinted?????
    If so any pics cheers

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    Im getting mine done very soon, ill post some pics asap


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      Cheers mate mine is booked in next thursday ill put some pics up then too


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        Has anyone had a mix of tints, and to what level?

        Never had tints before but I am thinking about back and front/rear sides. You can't walk down the street nowadays without seeing a tinted car, and a fair amount have a deep tint on rear side with non on front side and it just seems too much of a contrast.

        So what about 30% front side and 50% rear side + back?

        Anyone know of links to some galleries with examples? I guess the problem is I've seen tints but don't know what the level is to make a decision - I will go to a 'shop' to find out but comments are very welcome!


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          I went 40% front and 70% rear. It looks dark from outside, but inside it is fine, not to dark even at night.


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            I think alot ov places will only do 15% on the fronts but your car looks sweet Mandy im gonna try get 40% all round,,,apart from front screen lol


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              I'm in Edinburgh so any ideas on where I could go to get tints done, and any idea on prices? Cheers....


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                whats the legal limit on tints then ?


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                  i think it 70% light trough the glass in to the cabin area.

                  Have a look on the link.



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                    You'll probably find that the fronts are already the maximum they are allowed to be without applying an aftermarket tint. I advise all people who have fronts done now at their own risk cos alot more traffic police are now carrying light meters (well here in MK anyhow) and can order you to remove tints within 7 days upon stopping you - or if you have a real jobsworth they will request that they are removed there and then And if you try to drive off you will incur a hefty fine - this is all happened here locally and no one at our local cruise night has front tints of any description cos of regular checks by Traffic and DOT officers.

                    My plan is to get some done BUT on spare front glass (£40 a window from VX) and keep a set of original fronts spare so that I can swap over IF I am pulled.