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where is the Mic?

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  • where is the Mic?

    Anybody know where the microphone for the bluetooth hands free option is positioned in the cabin?

    Sometimes I wanna try get closer to it so perosn on the other end of call can hear me better, but i realised I dont know where it is!

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    dont now about mic but ive noticed mine as started loosing the conection my phone is s e k800i. been thinking about going back to vax. For all your tuning needs


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      SiFire, the mic is just behind the interior light (small grill)

      vxrdave, I had the same problems with my K800i, its not the Blutooth at fault, it's just that Sony Ericsson phones are crap at connecting to anything other than Sony Ericsson equipment, I ended up going back to Nokia, works perfect now.



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        I ve found that if i use bluetooth with my Nokia it is poor, nobody can hear me unless i shout, but if i fit it in the cradle it is great. Been told that the kit is a German kit, and the Bluetooth connection is really poor, but it does get a bit better if you put the phone in the glove box as this is where the phone kit brain is. (Germans, i bet i would have worked fine if it had a VW badge on the bonnet!!!!)


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          thank for that wonder if thay do a cradle for mine will have to check that would also keep phone out of way cheers guys and dolls.

 For all your tuning needs