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Cyprus Import - Motorpoint?

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  • Cyprus Import - Motorpoint?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at a new (unregistered) Astra Sporthatch from Motorpoint and they have offered the fact it is a RHD import from Cyprus. I don't have a problem with buying an import in terms of future resale value because its such a good deal (PX included). However, they say it has a 2 year "full Vauxhall" warranty from 1st July 2006 (odd that.... when my VXR had 3 years from new?).

    I'm after any intelligence about the manufacturers warranty issue. I will PM Stu (VXR Mothership) direct for advice, but wondered if there's anything I need to know (or if anyone's had good or bad experiences with Motorpoint?)



    Please answer on this thread or PM if you prefer

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    Very bad experience with them a couple of years back with a BMW 330 Coupe Sport.
    The car went into BMW dealer with battery problems 14 months after buying from new. I was told that the car was out of warranty because the standard 3 year warranty was only 2 years for the import (which i knew at the time of purchase) BUT!!! the warranty started at the build date from the BMW factory not the time of purchase. As a result the car only had 13 months warranty. When it came to a trade in the dealer would only offer pennies because they wont accept an import direclty but offer it to another non BMW dealer who would accept it.

    IMO you only get what you pay for. Then again i talk sh1te most of the time so it might be totally different for Vauxhall


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      Thanks MRTC.... a number of respondents on Astra SRi have commented on the **** attitude of dealers in the UK when dealing with UK Spec'd imported cars. I'm sure that wouldn't be the case if i took it to TMS???

      Any comments John?

      PS ...will be checking insurance (NU) in the morning and confusing someone from Bangalore no doubt


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        i got a uk spec uk car (Zafira GSi) from them at 8 monthes old it was a enterprise rent a car before i got it and it was fine.

        a lot of their stuff is imports so its upto you.


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          Make sure you get them to confirm all the facts.

          Not sure of the detail, but is unlikely to have breakdown cover and a significantly reduced mileage limit on the warranty. It may be worth a call to Vauxhall to confirm how it would be dealt with in the event of failure.

          I would also assume that it is Opel unless told otherwise.

          Negatives I know, but have had to help try and put the pieces back together when people have thought everything is the same!

          There is a reason these cars are cheaper, and it is not because the Cypriot dealers are less greedy etc, I imagine they will make more on these cars than a UK dealer on a UK one. Buyer Beware!!
          Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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            Having asked around it seems this was a rebadged Opel. It'll only come with the 2 year warranty i/o our 3 year and some spec may be different - you'd need the brochure in hand to make sure what you're getting.



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              Thanks for all the replies (and particularly Stu)....

              At the end of the day, my VXR is an Opel (well that's what it says on the door plate!)...and I've Opelised it further in any case. However, after considering everybody's response we've decided to give Motorpoint a miss and are now in dialogue with a range of other suppliers (new / pre Reg).... and will sort tomorrow I'm sure.