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New VXR owner and IPOD Question

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  • New VXR owner and IPOD Question

    Hi Everyone

    Having my Red VXR delivered on Friday, pretty excited, gotta get rid of my Leon Cupra R so i'm a bit sad but after reading all of your posts i know i've made the right choice for my new car.

    I know that there isn't an aux socket on the VXR headunit so i can't plug my ipod in and lisen to it in the car, so i was wondering what has been peoples solution to this problem? Does anyone recommend any head unit in particular or is there another solution.


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    The vxr has an mp3 head unit so I have burned a few CD`s with 10-11 albums on each in mp3 format. I had my Ipod connected in the Vectra but find the MP3 cd`s just as handy ... Changing the head unit doesn`t interest me as I like the look of the standard one and I think the single conversion looks too botched in for me and they dont do a double din conversion yet, though I have seen a couple in vectras which look good with a home made adaptor.


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      Sorry just noticed the other IPOD question further down, ignore this post if its against the rules.