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Lovin it!!!

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  • Lovin it!!!

    Hey up everyone. Just wanna say that I am loving my vxR. Can't believe how much fun it is to drive. I've only got a standard black vxR at the moment. The only thing I got on it was the AFL.

    Was talking to a guy at work today who has the Focus ST. He said he prefers the vxR to the ST anyday. Was gonna get one but went for the Focus instead (IDIOT)

    I'll try and get some pictures of my baby on here soon. I'm in Germany at the moment and you can't wash your car on the streets. There are car washes, which I have gone through, however, I don't wanna make a habit of it. Just incase.

    Anyway, gotta go.



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    Welcome to the club and glad you are njoying the ride. Take care of the car in the washers as they can mark the paintwork. At least being in Germany you can always have fun going onto the Autobahns....


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      hi vx i too own a black 1 on 19's tho had it 3 wks and love it cant wait to see the pics mine also up on here ...
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        Yeah, it's awesome being in Germany. NOT. Hate it. I'm over here in the Army. But, driving on the Autobahns is fun. No speed limits or anything. Fastest i've had out of her is 135Mph. And it still had more to get out of it's system. Hadn't even pushed the Silly button (Sport). Could've went faster but didn't have the guts. Maybe one day, when i've been diagnosed with 1 hour to live then i'll give it a go. Let you know what happens.[/img]