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  • VXR questions

    Hello all

    After coming from the renaultsport stable (172 / 225 meg) I am now thinking of an arden blue VXR - I have a couple of questions:

    1. I do a lot of business miles, so is the VXR a decent cruiser on motorways / A roads?

    2. I was planning to upgrade the stereo from CD30 to CD70 with Sat Nav - is this noticeable in terms of sound quality / loudness? Also, I assume I can plug my creative MP3 player into this?

    3. Anyone compared with the Focus ST, and which one was a better proposition for 4 year ownership with lots of business mileage?

    Thanks all

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    Hi There, will try to answer for you as I have already done around 7K business miles in mine since getting it 2 months ago:

    1. Ride comfort is good on motorways and A roads. You do feel more than in a 'comfort' style model but with the recaro leather seats its still more than comfy and personally I prefer as you have a better feel for the road

    2. I would say the sound quality is much better, plus you get a much nicer colour screen with the CD70.

    3. Not sure about this as time will tell but the VXR is a limited build (only 2500 each year), whereas the ST will be 10 a penny so there is an element of exclusivity with the VXR which makes it retain it's value pretty well. So far most people have been seeing pretty good residual values on second hand VXR's. See some of the other posts in forum for evidence.

    Hope this helps, cheers.


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      Hi there,

      I've done 15K since January - its fine on the motorway and not noticably louder when cruising with full Milltek.

      Like me, a number of people on here did the test drive in both the VXR and ST... going back over the pages you'll find a few threads. In a nutshell... ST - nice car / nice growl - but has a feel of just another Focus. I felt uninspired both when I looked at it and got out after the test drive. I still love the VXR 9 months later.


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        Hi there eylesy,

        Cant help on the comfort issue as I am waiting for mine atm.

        MP3 unfortunately cant be used as there is no aux socket which is a shame. You might want to stick a few albums mp3 format onto a disc though.



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          The CDC40 is by far the better sound system for the Astra VXR, and you can upgrade to the colour monitor with this as well :wink:
          Astra 1.9 CDTi SRi XP Sporthatch in White plus extra bits.
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            the colour monitor factory upgrade was dropped some time ago (05 models) for the astra unless your going to do it yourself


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              I did actually mean in a do it yourself way, so my post was not too clear, speak to John at courtenays as they have done this on several occasions.
              Astra 1.9 CDTi SRi XP Sporthatch in White plus extra bits.
              Land Rover LR2 HSE