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car wont start, intermittant

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  • car wont start, intermittant

    Hi All,
    Do i have a proper fault or is this just my imobalisor acting up...........

    Its happend twice in the last week, i open the car, put the key in and turn it, and nothing........doesnt even try to start. then i take it out, put it back in and it starts!!!!!!!!!

    this has nothing to do with my bov has it?

    help please.................. :?

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    was a thread about this on, do a search, think it amy be something to do with a spark plug recall?


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      Exactly the same problem i had, apparently its an engine coil that needs changing, had my car recalled but still does it sometimes!


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        Its not a recall as such but if you ask the dealer to check the special programme to see if you car has been fitted with incorrect spark plugs, its not the coil thats the problem, its the electronic management that identifies the fault as coil related, the dealer will replace the plugs and the problem will be gone, it has affected quite a few cars.