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Yes another VXR a few days!

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  • Yes another VXR a few days!

    Hello everybody! Yes as the title say's,i'm hoping to pick my Red VXR on tuesday.......The next 3 days are gonna take forever?!

    I had a Fiesta st & even tho the car was a dream to drive,it just didn't have enough power.

    B4 i decided on the astra vxr,i test drove the focus st,scooby & the civic type r. The scooby is a top car to drive,but come on,can you say they r nice lookin??? n you've gotta like the looks of a car as well as the drive.

    The focus st was sooo boring to drive! I got out thinking where's my pipe n slippers.

    Type r?? wot a car! but the new model comes out next yr,so it was a def a no no!!!

    N then i test drve the Astra VXR ,well i got out the car thinking it was christmas! The deal was done their n then.

    I look forward to having some good interactive conversations over the forums with you all


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    Well done Chopsy, welcome to the club. Like everyone on here who had to wait it seems to take ages but it's worth it!!!


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      hello and welcome its worth the wait ho yes For all your tuning needs


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        welcome chopsy they are the nuts of a car
        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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          Welcom Enjoy live long and prosper.

          M3 were are not a club but an open forum for any one to join.


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            ok, whatever, jees. Turn of speech I guess!


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              Congrats and welcome Chopsy.

              Many people have placed an order straight after the test drive. Don't blame them!

              The wait is so worth it though. I waited 6 months for mine, some people waited even longer than that! (Orders place soon after order books open in April 2005 plus there was a delay in production.)



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                Thx for the hellos everybody.
                I've bought myself a 06 pre reg,thats got 80miles on the clock.

                I got the dealer 2500k off the car after a wk of haggling.

                At the time i wasn't even looking for a vxr,just an accident i past a vaxhall dealer with the a vxr on show.......And the rest is history! WHOORAH!!!!


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                  Hey Chopsy you made a great choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: