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My vxR as promised

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  • My vxR as promised

    Hey up everyone. As promised I've got a picture of my baby now. It's taken with my mobile phone camera unfortunatly but hopefully you'll like it. It was taken when I first got her. So she is all clean and spanking new. When I get some time and get it all cleaned up properly then i'll take some better pictures.

    Before I go though, can someone tell me if this is true. I was reading up on a site about the vxR and found out that it has heated wing mirrors as standard. Is that true or is it an optional. I've been finding all these little things on my car. Found out it had headlight washers the other day. BRILLIANT

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    My corsa has heated side mirrors, all vauxhalls with electric mirrors do. They work when you turn the heaters on inside the car.


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      Don't they normally work on the heated rear windscreen?? Every car i've had with heated mirrors worked like that!


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        yep m3 your right on the heated rear window switch say, on about 15 mins then go off if you have not turned them off first. nice car mate hope you enjoy it as much as me. For all your tuning needs


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          You only get the headlight washers with the AFL that you chose as an option though !!!


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            Hello mate,

            Car looks nice! Decent pics too for a mob... Did you ask for those alloys? I thought they are supposed to looked diff to the ones you have, like the ones on the 2 red astra's in the header of this foum...



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              They are the standard 18,s
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