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My New Babby, but not Yet!!

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  • My New Babby, but not Yet!!

    Hi guys, can I start by saying what a great forum this is, I have certainly picked up some extremely useful information especially the list of most common faults with post PDId cars. I’ll certainly be checking this list before I part company with my hard earned cash!!

    Any how, this is probably a little strange to the normal, but my new VXR as already been delivered to my Vauxhall dealer, but unfortunately I can’t pick her up until the end Nov. I ordered her around the end of August and it took around two weeks for her to arrive at my dealers. So why the wait I here you say, well unfortunately I work in the Middle East and don’t get home until Nov, so I’ll have to wait and its terrible……. And to top it all, my wife popped into dealers equipped with her camera (the mechanics giving her some strange looks!!) and got me some pictures, which I’m sharing with you all.

    Can’t wait to get back home, take her for a spin and then see the wife and kids, a few days later of course!!

    All the best Dazzer

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    hi dazzer now that is hard could always let wife pick her up and have all the fun, i think not lol nice car mate. For all your tuning needs


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      insha allah :wink:
      Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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        Damn that's hard to cope with, I found it hard enough waiting 3 days after it was delivered before picking it up. You better write off your first week home as it will be mostly spent with a huge grin on your face, and your foot on the throttle


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          Hi Dazzer,

          I feel for you mate, I'm in sortof the same position, I'm in the UK but my car isn't!! Ordered in Aug and was told 12 weeks... Early Nov for me too I dont know if I'm gonna make it!!


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            nice one.

            the wait is worth every second.

            Mmmm now i wonder whos going to get the most love when you get home and i bet its not the wife.


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              nice dazzer bet you cant wait but dont let the wife drive it u could end up with kerbed rims like my mrs does to mine
              stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                Nice choice.

                What options did you get?

                Identical to mine but the only option on mine was the 19's (Ex demo car!)

                I only live 10 miles from Newark mate (half way to Lincoln!) so I hope to see you around there.
                Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
                Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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                  Hi Guys, thought I'd go for the full leather, I have kids so I know what damage can be done to materials with toffee and sticky things!!! Opted for the 19s with SAT NAF as my map reading is not my best skill in the world, but neither is the wife's map reading either, but she would disagree of course!!!

                  Gnasher, may have seen you around, have seen a VXR in Lincoln a couple of times and I believe it had a VXR plate.....

                  To say the wait is killing me is an understatement......still Nov is not that far away, well that's what I keep telling myself and I'm sticking to it!!!

                  So I'll just keep looking at my baby and counting down the hours............


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                    Not me I'm afraid, I haven't got a VXR plate!

                    I had to wait a month, it's a nightmare!!

                    What dealer are you getting it from?
                    Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
                    Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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                      I'm getting her from Charles Warner, I got my wife a Twin Top a couple of months ago, and they always seem pritty nice guys......We had a couple of minor problems with her car and we just took it down and one of the guys sorted it there and then.

                      I took there VXR demonstrator out in June this year and was so impressed with it, and believe me Iv'e test driven the new Scooby, EVO and the Nissan 350z and the VXR was far the best all rounder.


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                        What colour was the demo you drove - If it's Blue, that's the ome I bought!!
                        Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
                        Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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                          Indeed GNASHER, it was blue and had VXR transfers all other it. The only thing that stopped me buying it was that I was stuck in the middle east until Nov, and I thought it may be a waste of money just stuck in the garage!! It was the test drive in that car which convinced me to buy one, so it may have been the one your driving...


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                            As per your email, it is the one I bought - Hope you didn't thash it too much (not that I haven't)!

                            We'll have to get together when you get it mate.

                            It's not got all the transfers on it now, I got them to take them off!! To be honest I'd feel a bit of a plonker with them on.
                            Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
                            Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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                              Now that's freaky, shows you what a small world it is