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Mute button on steering wheel - does it exist?

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  • Mute button on steering wheel - does it exist?

    According to the CDC40 manual (page 1 if you push+hold in the volume button on the steering wheel it mutes the volume similar to push+holding the on/off button.

    Well mine won't push in - don't want to use excessive force incase I break the button but I have pushed pretty hard. Anyone else have a mute on the steering wheel?

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    Not as far as I'm aware, have tried pushing in the button before and it doesn't so assumed it was just a manual thing. Might need to check the manual!


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      my CD30 in the Vec has a mute but you have to push and hold the main button till the screen says mute.

      The button on the wheel for the volume on mine also does not push in but i'll keep looking and let you know.


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        yes this refers to the button on the unit and not on the steering wheel


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          Not really.

          If you check the manual out it specifically states something like button 25 and the diagram on the first page has button 25 as the volume on the steering wheel. Typo perhaps?


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            If you have bluetooth fitted to your vx and you press the telephone reciever button, this mutes the stereo, i have the cdc40