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  • VXR Questions

    Right i've only had the VXR for 2months but am already thinking about things to do to the car!...Dont get me wrong the car is fantastic but am itching to make changes!

    Anyone any idea if there is a lowering kit out for the VXR...also, i have IDS+, will lowering the car affect it? Whilst on the subject about IDS+, who do i know if the feature is actually there and active?...all i know is that the IDS+ light turns on when getting into the Car!

    19" Tyres...dont know if its just me, but i find the Conti Sport Con 2 dont grip the road too well...which tryes would be a good replacement?...i've been looking at the TOYO's...but not sure which to get.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi There,
    Can provide some info on the IDS+ for you. This is always active unless you have turned on the TC but pressing and holding the Sport button for 5 seconds (system will confirm when TC is off). Otherwise it is active in the backgound and will display a TC signal on the dash if it has to make large adjustments (only seen this once myself pulling off from a cobbled street in the wet, TC cut in to try and regain grip as fronts were trying to spin).

    I believe this system is only replaced if you go for the fully adjustable suspension kit, but a tuner or more knowledgable person can confirm.

    Cheers and welcome to the forum.


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      thanks for the prompt reply...

      ive noticed the TC signal come into play once of twice too...once in the wet i had the sport mode on and the wheels tried spinning in every gear till i got into 4th!

      so what exactly does the IDS+ do?...i was made to believe this was used to control the suspension, in saying this why would turning the TC on and off affect it? Or am i gettin gthe wrong idea about what all this is about?



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        Sorry that's me confused.

        I believe that the IDS can adjust each suspension unit separately to smooth out the drive and maintain stability. Whilst IDS does not show when it is compensating it is on as standard when included with the car, the light is most likely just to say that it is present on the vehicle but again someone else might be able to confirm. The only way to turn it off is to turn off the TC or replace suspension with the adjustable system. If you read through the various threads it has been discussed quite a bit and now I wish I hadn't payed 400 for it (could've been 400 towards a stage 2!).