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Warranty + remaps...

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  • Warranty + remaps...

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on warranty and engine remaps.

    I must admit I'm very tempted to get a remap () but I'm thinking that it could invalidate your warranty if say you had a major engine failure i.e. vauxhall would just say that it was because of the remap.

    Can anyone convince me that its ok to get a remap?

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    I know that the full milltek system is covered under warranty as it is fully endorsed by Vauxhall. Remaps I not sure, think it is ok but sure someelse will confirm.


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      well it depends on the dealer but most of the time

      if the part fail'd can be proven to have fail'd due to a mod it wont be cover'd

      get a good dealer and you'll have no worries i dont.


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        A decent tuner will warranty their own work, if through there failings they cause damage to your car they will put it right. Plenty have had work done, no worries !


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          So how much does it cost to buy the service recognition and is it worth it?

          geting bord of this now.


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            Cheers for the replies guys.

            Basically I might just have a word with my local dealer and see what they say. I also have to phone my insurance first anyways to see what the damage will be too!


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              I think you will find that the likes of Courtenay, TMS, VXRPC and Regal will all cover their workmanship.

              But to be fair , it has been very rare in the UK that Z20LET/LEL/LER and LEH letting go though simple re-maps.

              It happens in Germany more due to the fact that as many or there Mways are un restricted and modified engines are subjected to higher speeds than in the UK, hence more stress.

              But as far as I am aware, any tuner or garage can buy a packege from Vauxhall to give them full Vauxhall service/warranty approval.
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