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    can any onle tell me if you can get dvd video to play on the sat nav screen with or with out the built in sat player or would you need to change the screen and find a playing souse

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    the screen is R G B so you can in theory there is a bloke in germany who sells box to plug in that dose just that must b some one over hear that could do same thing. For all your tuning needs


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      I carry on hearing about this bloke in Germany that can do this but no-one ever mentions who he is, or indeed a web address. Now I have heard of someone making interfaces for the old Astra G and indeed have the circuit diagram and have made one myself, but this does not work on the Astra H screen not that I expected it to with it being part of the CAN system. So rather than me having to tinker and build my own interface (which to be honest is not that difficult more time consuming which I do not have at the best of times), please share who this bloke in Germany is. Although I do have a good idea of who it may be, but just curious incase it is not the same bloke.


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        A11VXL told me about it if thay can do it then so can we is what im saying,
        pm him but as u say its not hard so give it a go then. For all your tuning needs


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          VXRdave the reason for me asking is that I do not have the time to make the interface myself, as at the best of times I maybe get and hour or two per week every other week, to work on the car. So I am really looking at the easiest option by getting a ready made device, and do not really see the point in making one up from scratch, when someone has already made one (and really just want to find out who makes them, as if it is who I think it is, then I will be visiting them next time I am in Germany)

          I will pm A11VXL and see what he says.


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            ok mate see what john as to say or go to a good ice shop.

   For all your tuning needs