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  • Questions from a Newbie

    Hello all,

    Hopefully I'll be picking up a VXR in the early part of 07 and I've got a few questions that as usual the dealers haven't got a clue on and the brochures don't tell you much, any help gratefully received re the following (apologies for teh number of q's) :

    Wheels - I'd like to go with the 19s beacuse they look great but I'm unsure as to what they'll do to the ride quality - do they have any disadvantages to them (appart from tyre costs!!)?

    2007 Spec - I won't be getting the car until April / May 07 does anyone know what, if any, changes will be made to the 07 spec cars?

    Sport button - In other Astra modeal (CDTi) this increases BHP and sharpens up responses etc, what does it do in the VXR?


    The price list mentions something to do with an adaptive damper system (approx. £400) - is this worth it and in what way?

    Exhaust system - again the price list mentions a full system for approx. (£1100 exc fitting) - is this the Milltek system that you all seem to have? Whilst I'd love to get the full system on a lot of journies I'll have to little uns with me and I don't think the'll thank me for it. Can you just get the backbox or back box and centre section - any idea of cost and whilst I appreciate it's not going to liberate more BHP does it sound better (without killing the kids!!)? Can you get the Milltek system cheaper through any other tuner companies?

    Modifications - It appears that the skies the limit to what you can tune for the VXR, but mine will be through a company car scheme so you can only use 'manufacture approved' mods i.e. not much is there anything other than the exhaust that is Vauxhall approved?

    Stereo - Is teh standard stereo any good and is the upgraded stereo (the £300-400 one not the £1k+ one) worth it - again I can't really modify it other than with a Vauxhall one.

    That's it for now - sorry to be a pain and thanks again.

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    19" wheels deteriorate the ride slightly
    Sport button - does not increase power on any of our cars. It sharpens steering ,gives sports throttle map and with CDC suspension moves it to the 'sport' setting - I'v written it up somewhere on here.
    Adaptive Damper system - we designed the car for passive suspension. If you do a lot of track work the CDC is an interesting option.
    Milltek - full system releases some more power , ok on motorway runs but it is louder . Doesn't drone.
    Modifications - co car regulations can be interesting. A stage 1 tune would be ok I suspect , anything more would be too noticeable.
    CDC40 is worth it if you like digial radio and want a multi changer.




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      i got the 19's and the ride is good only cos i aint been in one with the 18's
      the sports button has its advantages but dont use it that often it goes like **** without it lol
      ads i didnt bother with and a lot of the lads dont think its worth the extra money
      the milltek i havent got yet but will soon be getting the full system and i got 2 kids and another on the way
      and i got the standard cdc30 and it sounds good and plays mp3's dont think the 40 does .
      hope this help's you but you wont be disapointed in the car in any format it truly is an amazing motor trust me on this
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        tut tut Stu

        The CDC40 does not have DAB as the aerial would hit the spoiler.

        Jon at did have 18's on his but has gone back to the 19's for the asthetics.

        the Miltek is awsom my mrs drives it most of the time and she dont mind it too much but she says it causes the other mums to look at the school as it pops and bangs on over run. you might find upto 15bhp from the full system

        Again contact the boys @ Courtenays for a remap its not approved by Vxl but its not noticable by the dealers unless they press the sport button on a test drive.

        IDS+ i dont think most ppl that have it on Astra find it as good as they expected it to be.

        if you need any more help you know where we are.


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          Thanks for the advice,

          Looks like it'll be Arden Blue with the 19s for starters.