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What got you to the Astra VXR ?

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  • What got you to the Astra VXR ?

    Hi folks

    Just realised I've been driving for nearly 20 years and about to step in the ring for a haggle with a dealer on a new VXR.

    this is a list of putchaes which have now gone full circle back to Vauxhall. Anyone had a more fun line up of cars.

    Vauxhall Cavalier 2000 - Smashed to pieces before passing test !!
    MG Metro - Never out of the garage
    Escort XR3
    Escort XR3i
    Escort RS1600i - What a beauty
    Escort RS Turbo
    Rover 213 - Yuk but bought first house
    VW Polo G40 - Bonkers
    Audi 90 20v Quattro
    BMW 325i Coupe - Super smooth
    Fiat Couple 20v Turbo - very fast
    Saab 9-3 Aero - Need the boto and rear seat for little ones
    Vauxhall Astra VXR - Soon, kids are older no need for the space !!!

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    1.2 Comfort Corsa (VX Scheme) - Crashed into a welcome to EP and Neston Sign
    1L Expression Corsa (VX Scheme) - Courtesy Car for above
    1.6 Astra G 3Door (not coupe - VX Scheme)
    1.4 SRi Corsa - Black (VX Scheme) - Crashed (tree fell from opposite side of the road (Really it did))
    1.4 SRi Corsa - Star Silver (VX Scheme)
    1.8 New Tigra Sport (Mine)
    Astra H VXR (2007 Model)


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      VIVA HB 1.2
      METRO 1.0
      MG METRO TURBO 1.3
      ASTRA GTE 2.0 16V
      CAV GSI 16V 4X4
      CORAS 1.7 TDI SXI
      ASTRA VXR For all your tuning needs


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        I was lucky, I got to drive all kinds of exotica BEFORE passing my manual car driving test. No wonder I drvive like I do!!

        APC 432
        Chieftain Tank
        Challenger Tank
        Ferret Armoured Car
        Army Land rovers
        Fiat Strada 75
        Fiat Strada 105 Arbarth
        A host of crap company cars including Sierra 1.8 lx lol
        More company cars
        Vectra GSi (Ultimate Rep mobile )
        Impreza Turbo (Got one before they were cheap and common )
        Waiting for Astra Vxr


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          Here's mine

          Rover 1.1 Metro (Written off after 2 months)
          Clio 1.8 16v
          Peugeot 106 GTI
          Peugeot 106 GTI
          Peugeot 206 Grand Tourisme
          Corsa GSI
          Clio 172
          Racing Puma
          Focus RS (Sold it after 11 months for house extension)
          Clio 16v

          Vauxhall VX220 Lightning (Still Have)
          Astra VXR (Sod the house extension)!!!!

          Car Insurance companies love me!!


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            Nissan Micra Collette
            Vauxhall Astra Mk2 1.6 GL
            Vauxhall Astra Mk2 2.0 8v GTE
            Rover 216Si
            Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 LS
            Vauxhall Astra Mk4 1.6 SXi
            Honda Civic Type-r (05)
            Vauxhall Astra VXR (06)


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              Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 16v 5 dr
              Astra VXR (ordered)


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                Fiat Uno 45S (crap)
                Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXi (looked good, but drove crap)
                Vauxhall Astra VXR (awesome in every way and room for the cat)


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                  Vx Corsa 1.2...... Twist! - Planted in some bushes - written off (it pulled up next to me at some lights the other week!)

                  Fiat Punto sx75 - Just needed a second one, cut out some sun roofs and use as rollerskates!

                  Vx Astra 1.6 sxi (current) - chavmobiel!

                  VXR 13th Nov


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                    leant to drive in my old mans v8 Holden
                    1/ 81 Holden Commodore (very short period of time)
                    2/ 88 Ford Laser TX3 1.6ltr turbo
                    3/ 91 Ford Laser TX3 1.8ltr turbo
                    4/ 94 Toyota Rav4 2 door 2lt (set up for sand dune fun and wife parked it on its roof )
                    5/ 99 Nissan Terrano 11 2.7lt TD (engine tuned & off road set up)
                    6/ 04 astra H SRi
                    7/ 05 astra VXR


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                      Hi here is my list of cars i refinancing my home to buy= 10 golf gti, 3-mr2,1-171,2-205gti,2-309gti,1-m16,405,4-celica gt and gt4,5-ford cosworth,1-mercedes 2.5 cosworth,2-rsturbo,3-xr3i,3-wrx,2-st-170 and 225,1-racing puma, 4-evo=evo1,evo5,evo6,evo8, gorrado, bmw m5 e34,bmw 320,volvo t5, audi a4, skyline r34 500bhp, my first car was a fiat 131 in pink.and no i didn win the lottery i just live for cars my new car in january hopefully will be an opc in blue with 19in alloys never had an opel


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                        I had a race with a racing puma (2.2 with wide arches isn't it) when i had my (hairdressers) new tigra twintop 1.8 sport. any way the tigra was quicker (standard as well). I could see the look of the drivers face when we races to the motorway and i took him on the slip road. priceless.


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                          Racing puma is 1.7 153bhp not that fast but great to handling


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                            1) Fiesta
                            2) Escort RS Turbo
                            3) Corsa SRi (later converted to LET)
                            3.5) Hornet600 (same time as corsa)
                            4) Celica GT4 WRC (HKS tuned - slow and economical... LOL)
                            4.5) GSXR600 (same time as GT4)
                            5) CBR600RR


                            no car or bike... just using my GF's Corsa till I see the VXR corsa, then ill buy either that or Astra VXR... and a new bike.... maybe.

                            :edited to sort the order


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                              Get the astra - im in love with mine. I polish it and do wheels every day and go all gooey when I sink into the leather bolsters and grip the thick rubbery steering wheel.... ohhhhhhhhhhh