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How to run in a VXR engine?

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  • How to run in a VXR engine?

    When I asked the dealer what the procedure was, the answer was nothing specific..........just don't redline it for about 500 mile.

    I'm not convinced this is the approved method from Vauxhall but others will also say thrash the car from new and the car will be faster (more powerful)

    Any ideas on the preffered and best method of engine run-in is considering I plan to keep the car a few year and therefore dont want a own a knacker if not done properly.


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    Hi Mr F,

    I think you've hit upon a topic that has no definate answer. I think that it comes down to your own views on mechanical sympathy.

    Given todays manufacturing methods, I doubt very much if Ragging the car from the get go results in a more powerful engine in the medium to long term. If it does, you'd never notice. It's not going to be a difference of say 20-30 bhp IF it does affect it, i would wager it would only be 1 or 2. Even then, how could you attribute that to ragging it, 2 years before hand?

    To me personally, I'm of the school that you just drive the thing how you intend to drive it anyway on the roads. Sometimes you will over rev it, coming out of a junction and getting it all wrong, other times the engine will labour as you mis judge the gearing. Just drive it but have a little mechanical sympathy.
    I also honestly believe that there is no need to keep the engine off boost for x amount of miles. That's just daft.

    Have fun but just keep a mind on the fact that the thing is new. Like a new pair of shoes. Look good when they are new, hurt a little, but with a little care they soon break in and become your favourites.


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      Yea have to admit the same, reasonable driving followed by higher revs every now and then to loosen up..
      Oil change at 1000 miles just to get rid of any foreign matter from run in!!!
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        yeh i kept mine around the 4000rpm mark and every now and then a little kick on the peddle to see what the power was like , just changed my oil at 1700 and now getting ready for the stage 3 to happen very soon so then the fun begins lol will change the oil again at 5k ..
        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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          Me too talked the wife round stage 3 soon.

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