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Did you watch "Auto Trader"

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  • Did you watch "Auto Trader"

    I have just seen Auto Trader on Cable, Mike Brewer appears to have his own showroom where he assist people buying cars. Episode one was good, it showed a guy looking for a sporty car with a budget of 18k. There was an 06 Evo 9 FQ300 at £16'996 and an 06 Scooby WRX for around the £17 mark. Then he pulled out a 55 reg Porsche 911 for 20k? I thought, "these prices are a bit cheap!"

    The second episode had a couple looking for a sport/family car. Would you believe they had a line up of a Blue Golf 1.6, Seat Leon (I think a 1.9 TD but could have been a 1.4), Chevrolet Lasetta (crap) and, wait for it, a Black Astra VXR. They argued over what they liked and didnt like, and did not seemed fussed by any of the cars. The price of the Astra? Wait for it... £12'995. All we were told was it was an ex demo with 9k on the clock. It had 19's on it. Anyway, the car was NEVER EVEN TEST DRIVEN, barely looked at, and the couple took out the Lasetta and Leon. No fuss was made over the VXR at all.

    I sat there thinking- am I missing something here? It is a genuine program, the prices are rock bottom - how can this be? There was a Y reg Punto on there clean as a whistle with 1 owner from new at £1200. I guess the real reasons why they did not look at it were in "the bits we didnt see", i.e the cost (the astra was th most expensive in the line up). insurance group and the fact it might have been to high performing for their needs.

    But still, our car in that line up, at that price? I recently checked some stats and saw our babies hit 60 in the same time as the latest R32 with that special gearbox that has 2 clutches (without that box I think the R32 stands at 6.4). So our cars are something special right?

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    Mike Brewer was on one of the team stands at silverstone, it wasnt the Vauxhall stand paying his wages that day.


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      But £12'995 for an 06 VXR?


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        I reckon, they've finally taken the number of 'repeat shows' on board....

        Not many people will catch the first of this new series - so when it's repeated again and again, the prices will be more realistic

        He did mention about the Porsche that the one displayed was newer, but you could get a 993 for around 20ish k.....

        ..and that 1 year old EVO9 dropping 12k in price

        Got to read between the tv lines with that proggy...
        tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
        The truth is out there ...


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          This show I think has replaced Wheeler Dealers which is one of my favourite programs, and I have seen a few of episodes of Autotrader too and i think its alright, but that price seems ridiculous to me!


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            Seen that too, when I saw the price of the VXR I nearly shat myself. No way could that be the correct price


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              I thought that - I'd have put up with a black one for the 4 grand saving too!!!

              And did any 55 platers come with the chrome strips along the bottom of the windows as that one seemed to have them?
              Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
              Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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                Ive been watchin this but not seen this one unless it was last nights then its in the sky+ and i'll look tomorrow