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    picking up my black vxr brand new on monday morning is there anything i need to check for which any of you may have come across picking it up in chesterfield looking forward to the drive home to liverpool

    excellent forum

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    other things to look for
    Examine thoroughly Alloy wheels especially 19s
    *Check for that elusive B Pillar trim ( Carbon Effect For 07 MY )
    *Check the engine is well cleaned (or you'll be convinced for weeks you can smell petrol)
    *You have some fuel!
    *Side skirts firmly attached
    *Check your looking at the right car
    *Check to see if Glovebox tray is included ( This item may be deleted in the 07 Model )
    *Check the mats are there
    *Check the Valve caps are on the wheels
    *Check paperwork thoroughly, finance docs, registration etc.
    *Check for emergency tyre repair kit
    *Check exhaust end that its sitting in the bumper cut out and not dropped
    *Check weather strips are on under leading edge of bonnet (Deleted I believe for the 07MY)
    *Check condition of Seat Bolsters, the leather can be creased on the Outer Drivers Bolster
    *Check that the 'TRANSPORT BLOCKS' have been removed from the front suspension springs!
    *Check front and rear skirting, has been known to scrape on some coming off the transporters
    *Check Delivery mileage is reasonable
    *Check rear bumper is attached both sides
    *Check any RECALLS have been carried out - only one i believe outstanding for VXR at the moment is Wrong spark plugs
    *Check the Black wheel bolt caps havent been 'Bleached' white by the valeters Wheel Acid!
    * Check badges "VXR" in chrome are attached to both doors in line with bump strip ( New for 07 MY For all your tuning needs