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wheres the engine going boom posts gone ???

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  • wheres the engine going boom posts gone ???

    think the title sez it really, whats happened is it all sorted??

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    I have a feeling it is abit of a sore subject!!! i think someone upset the guy, as i think i read this afternoon someone slating him for keep goin on about it and writing to much detail. Poor guy, come back STIM we all do care about your situation even if that 1 guy doesn't. To be honest if it happened to me i think i would just stay in my bed and cry all day, so i think your a F*****g brave guy to come on here and tell everyone!!.



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      dunno ? bet the mods have removed em :?
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        Mods did not remove...

        However, I did close the threads after the "clear out" that occured as there was no longer any need to keep them open


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          thats harsh. like u say come back stim cos we wanna know how it goes!!

          as for long posts, mine about the alarm wernt exactly brief . but if it helps others avoid problems then its all good :wink:


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            To All users

            To clarifiy, Stim is still a registerted user and requested the mod team to delete his posts on his behalf. The thread is still in existance, but in a hidden section. (We don't delete anything unless specifically requested by the author or if the contents is offensive, such a spamming and links to porn/viruses etc which will result in the user & post being delted and there ip address being banned)

            However I do agree that having three threads on the same topic running is over-kill when one would do. I trust we can now all move on, and welcome Stim back soon, hopefully with a positive update.

            Thanks, Sheriff

            PS To all users that have PM'd/emailed me regards this subject please accept this as my answer.
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