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Advice for getting used to hot hatch?

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  • Advice for getting used to hot hatch?

    Hey all,

    Im currently saving for a VXR hoping to purchase in a year.

    My lack of driving experience in powerfull cars is concerning me though. All cars I have driven have been 1.0 litre cars, slow - foot to floor 24/7 type things.

    Over the next year I want to get used to more powerfull cars and was hoping some peeps on this site might have some recommendations. Tracks days, skid pans, renting cars for a weekend?

    what do you think?

    All comments welcome, cheers!

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    Try stepping upto the car, rather the jumping straight to the top...

    Get someting like a GSi or SRi - nice and quick but fairly easy to handle


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      Blag test drives. I did it for 3 years. I drove an enourmous amount of cars, including M3, M5, Noble, TVR, 350Z, the list is endless, there isnt much I havent driven, and hundreds of top of the range saloons, and hot hatches e.t.c.

      Doing this is an art, an art I have mastered, it takes some tough rules and a bit of time to build your confidence. Once done, your on a win/win.

      The offence of deception in these circumstances cannot take place without money being exchanged. You are nor being givena service in which money is expected. You are customer, and sampling something, just like how one looks at a ming vase prior to purchase. No-one exchanges money prior to a test drive. Know that you can't do anything illegal and go to any dealer, talk crap and fuss fuss fuss.

      If you worry about "can I afford it", remember, if **** hits the fan you can argue that you "were going to", sell house, sell car, divorce wife, take loan, come into inheritence, misjudged the cost, etc etc etc

      No-one can touch you. If your local tell me and I will show you how its done.


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        I did look at the other Astras; they just didnt seem as good value for money really. Im sure it was for 1K less you got -100bhp, seemed a huge drop from the VXR to the next below it.

        I like the test drive idea - went for a test drive in an evo 8 FQ - ??? with a mate. That was quite cool.


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          I wouldnt worry too much about it, just dont go mad straight away. The VXR is quick but its not ridiculously fast so you will be fine.


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            i went straight from a 1.2 corsa to the vxr just drove around like an old person on a sunday cruise for a while till i got use to it which was about 2 days


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              Ah thats good to know cheers.

              Appreciate the comments.

              Need another excuse for a track day now...


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                I was the same, 1.2 Corsa to VXR. Just take it easy to begin with and once you have a feel for the throttle and handling learn to use it all. Took me about 2 weeks before I tried sport mode properly - just to be safe.


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                  just get one of those pads for under the pedal